Ever been betrayed by someone who professed to love you?  Ever find yourself in a relationship that was dissolving right before your eyes and wondering how it happened?  Ever had someone you trusted break a promise to you – lie to you – turn away from you?  Probably we all have and it hurts, really hurts.

What about other betrayals?  I felt betrayed by my body when it no longer could perform daily tasks; really betrayed.  It wasn’t easy to come to grips with the fact that this body that has carried me faithfully for so many years was now unable to do so.  I felt betrayed by doctors who medicated me and sent me on my way without really hearing me or seeing me.  Betrayal.  It stinks.

People offer words of comfort when one is going through a time of betrayal.  Among the words offered is the statement that Jesus will never leave us; He is always with us.

Lately I have been pondering this statement and wondered what it means to me that Jesus is with me always.  Am I the only one who has wondered what does that mean – that Jesus is with me always – does it truly bring the comfort it is expected to bring?  How does knowing this change anything about the present hurtful circumstances?

In a world where relationships can end and bodies can break down it does mean something to me that there is one person I can count on.  One person who never breaks a promise, who never leaves just because I didn’t do something good enough, right enough, long enough, someone who never lies to me, never betrays me, never stops loving me.  In fact, that means the world to me.  My body may betray me, but He won’t.  My doctors may not hear me, but He does.  And I don’t have to do anything good enough, right enough, long enough to earn that.  His life, His love, His hand, His ear, His heart, His presence are given to me.  And you.  Freely.

He loves us faithfully and He has chosen to be with us always, always, always.  Does that comfort me during present hurtful circumstances?  Indeed it does. He understands betrayal.  He was betrayed.  He knows the pain of loving someone who didn’t love back, He knows the pain of a body that is beaten because He’s been there, done that.  For you and for me, because of His great love for us.

Jesus, my comforter, my friend, my constant companion, thank You.  Thank You for not turning away from me, for not leaving me alone and helpless and hurting.  Thank You for understanding my pain because You experienced pain on the cross for me that I may be healed.  Thank You that when no one else and nothing else can take this pain from me that You are willing and able.  I trust You with my healing and Your timing.  Amen.


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