God’s Economy




Years ago, when I lived in Montana, I had a wonderful gelding named Apache. The whole family loved that horse. Anyone could ride him; he was totally trustworthy. I especially liked taking him out on short jaunts in the woods. Fearless, smart and oh, how he loved to run, but there was one thing he would not do. He would not jump over anything. No, not ever, which most of the time was fine. But sometimes, in the woods, when a tree had fallen across the trail it would have been nice if he would have just jumped it. But alas, he would not.

One day, I came across a fallen log in our path. Way too big for him to step over and no way to go around the log. I sure didn’t want to turn around and go home and he sure didn’t want to jump it. I got off and studied the situation. I got behind him and pushed him on his rump. He glanced back and me and switched me with his tail. Out of frustration, I kicked the log and, to my surprise, the formidable roadblock  just caved in.

Dust flew upward and pieces of bark fell downward. Where the log had crumbled, I noticed tiny evidences of life. Intrigued, I bent down for a closer look. The log which had appeared to be dead, totally useless, too rotten for even good firewood, concealed underneath it an entirely new ecosystem. The sprouts were white from lack of sun exposure and unidentifiable to me.

At the time of this trail ride, I had just ended a 23 year marriage to a man who preferred drinking to sobriety, other women to me and being gone from home more than being at home. I spent a lot of days kicking myself for what I called wasted years.

But, while I studied this undergrowth, the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me, “In God’s economy, there is no such thing as waste.”

Hope blew across me like a gentle breeze.

What wonderful news this is when we are going through a time of limitations. A time when we say no more often than we are able to say yes. Ever feel like this time of being sick or being in pain or hanging onto a relationship that destroys your life is such a waste? I certainly have. Then I remember this story and I am comforted to know that God doesn’t call those times a waste. He is able to bring new life out of old and even in the midst of our waiting and wondering, He is able to use us and our seemingly wasted years for our  ultimate good and His incredible glory. That’s good news, isn’t it?


pic credit:  Diane Reid



Put Me Together Again

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I am afflicted very much; quicken me, O LORD, according to Your word.    Psalm 119:107

Quicken means to spring to life, to come alive.  God’s word promises quickening to me and to you – revival and restoration and redemption from pain, sickness, disease, poverty and lack.

Charles Spurgeon wrote this about the above verse:

Jehovah alone can quicken; He has life in Himself, and therefore can communicate it readily; He can give us life at any moment, yea, at this present instant; for it is of the nature of the quickening to be quick in its operation.  The Lord has promised, prepared, and provided this blessing of renewed life for all his waiting servants: it is a covenant blessing and it is as obtainable as it is needful.  Our forebodings under trial are often very gloomy; let us entreat the Lord to deal with us, not according to our fears, but according to his own words.

In order to be revived according to His word, we need to know His word, we need His word in us and before us. We need to read and study and meditate on His word like taking our daily vitamin or medicine.

The Message Bible puts it like this:

By your words I can see where I’m going;

they throw a beam of light on my dark path.

I’ve committed myself and I’ll never turn back from living by your righteous order.

Everything’s falling apart on me, God;

put me together again with your Word.

Festoon me with your finest sayings, God; teach me your holy rules.

My life is as close as my own hands, but I don’t forget what you have revealed.

The wicked do their best to throw me off track, but I don’t swerve an inch from your course.

I inherited your book on living;

it’s mine forever— what a gift!

And how happy it makes me!

I concentrate on doing exactly what you say— I always have and always will.

Psalm 119:107 Message Bible

Heavenly Father, Your book is a wonderful gift, love letters from Your heart to mine.  How blessed am I to have You and Your word living and active in my life.  Bring these afflictions to naught and restore to me for the years the locust have eaten.  When everything seems to be falling apart on me, would You put me back together again by Your word? Thank You for throwing a beam of light on my sometimes seemingly dark path.  Amen.