They Will Recover

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These signs will accompany those who have believed:

 …they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

Mark 6: 17-18

Jesus is talking here, commissioning His disciples, commissioning us who follow Him.  They will lay hands on the sick and when they do, the sick will recover. I don’t see any qualifiers in this verse. It doesn’t say, those who went to seminary will lay hands on, or those with a special anointing will lay hands on, or those who are “prayed up” will lay hands on and they will recover. No, He just says, those who have believed. Believed what? Believed what Jesus said. Believed that what they saw Him do was the Father’s will. Believed that signs are for us, for all of us who have believed.

I also don’t see Him qualifying who gets healed. He doesn’t say those who pray for half an hour each day, or those who are being used mightily in the kingdom of God, or those who are more loved or more worthy or more important. No, He just says, they will recover.

Regular folks like you and me, if we have believed what Jesus said can lay hands on the sick and they will recover.  It’s pretty simple, really.

We did that last Sunday morning at church, first for my husband during our prayer group time before the service and then for others in the congregation who are in need of healing. We did it in faith and in obedience. Jesus said to do this, if we believe. And we do. And He promised that those we lay hands on will recover. He didn’t say maybe, or if this or if that, just that they would recover.

The issue to be settled is just this – do we really take Jesus at His word or not? When He says, they will recover, did He mean it or not? I choose to believe.

How simple is that, Jesus? We believe, we lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Thank You for making that promise and making that provision for us. Healing from You, through the hands of others who have believed. Thank You for the recovery we will see in our congregation and in my husband because of our act of faith and obedience. You are our Healer, You alone deserve the glory, You deserve the praise. Amen.

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The Cart Before the Horse

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

Mark 11:24

If I had a dollar for every time I have read this or heard teaching on it, I could take everyone of you who reads this to Starbuck’s for a coffee!  Don’t head out just yet, I said IF! But the other day, I got it.  Call it revelation or an AH HA! moment, but I realized how my thinking had been wrong in this area.  Oh, I believe that I am healed; that it is a done deal but still there were thoughts that camped out in my mind that went along the lines of “when I am healed…”.  I was measuring my healing by symptoms and after only a few moments of being awake, I would know, not today, maybe tomorrow. Having no pain would be evidence of my healing for sure and then I would know that my faith had worked. But that is like putting the cart before the horse. My faith comes first, then my healing, then no pain. In that order.

Reading Kenneth Hagin’s book I saw it more clearly.  He writes

 “When you pray, you have to believe that you receive healing, and then you will have healing.

When are you going to have healing?

After you believe you receive it.

When do you believe you receive healing?

Before you have it.

Faith feels like resting. Not wrestling. Faith is assurance; doubt is constantly looking for reassurance. I was looking for reassurance; looking for evidences that my healing had come. I certainly haven’t been resting. Not the rest of faith. And I was wrestling  – asking would this help? what if I did this? or didn’t do that? Would anything I did help?

I believe the only thing I can do that will help is to believe. Believe in spite of the evidences to the contrary. Believe even when it seems useless. Believe even when I feel like giving up. Believe that my prayer of faith intersected my healing. Believe that the Savior who came to heal me meant it when He said, “It is finished”.

Jesus, my Savior, my Healer, my Comforter, my Friend, my Great Physician, I believe. I believe You paid the price for me to be sin-free and pain-free. You took it all upon Yourself on that cross. The stripes You took were for me; the blood that You shed, You shed for me. For me! And all You asked of me was that I believe. Jesus, I believe and once again, I marvel at Your goodness and am humbled by Your presence in my life. Thank You is inadequate, but I do thank You, from the bottom of my heart. Thank You, my Jesus. Amen.