In The Presence Of My Enemies

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“Thou dost prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”.

Psalm 23: 5

I  wonder what good food would do for me in the presence of my enemies. Am I going to pelt my enemies with spaghetti and meatballs?  Do I poke their eyes out with bread sticks? This part of Psalm 23 didn’t really make sense to me and I would ordinarily skim right past.

But recently, I saw this verse differently. The table He has prepared is laden with everything I have inherited through Christ – every spiritual blessing, every physical blessing, every weapon I will ever need, every provision I will ever need. All there – laid out for me. When I am in the presence of my enemies there I will find my weapon. The God who spoke this world into existence and created the many species and ecosystems and gave each exactly what they needed not only for survival but also to work in relation to other ecosystems for mutual survival, prepared a table for us! An orderly, lavishly decorated table with everything we have need of in the face of enemies.

When the enemy of fear comes against me, all I have to do is look at the table prepared before me and find what God has provided to combat fear – peace, truth, the spirit of power and a sound mind.

When the enemy of pain or sickness comes against me, I can find on this table the healing Christ paid for on the cross.

When the enemy of worry comes against me,  there on the table lays the  peace that passes all understanding.

When the enemy of rejection comes against me, I browse the table until I find the adoption papers that assure me that I am His.


All these and more are piled to overflowing on this banquet prepared by the Lord. And all I have to do is believe and feast on His provision.



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Trust Fund


When I was a young teen, I was informed by my father of a trust fund my parents had set up for my college education.  I would not be able to access if until several years later and he only told me once but I believed him.  I wonder, though, what it would have done to his heart if he had found me on occasions wringing my hands and questioning how, oh how, am I ever going to get to go to college.  I suspect it would hurt him deeply.  I didn’t doubt the trust fund because I trusted my father.  You can probably see where I am going with this.

Our Heavenly Father, whose resources are unlimited has provided a “trust fund” for us.  He has provided resources for our journey here on earth – provision for our physical need and our spiritual needs.  He is Jehovah Jireh, the God who sees ahead and makes provision.  He knew I would need healing before I did.  He knew others, including you, would need healing long before you ever did and He made provision for that healing.  The provision for our healing came through His Son, Jesus who took not only our sins upon Him on the cross, but our pains and our diseases.

Just as surely as my earthly father looked ahead, saw an upcoming need and made provision for that need, my heavenly Father has looked ahead on my behalf and your behalf and made provision for the healing we need. What does it do to our Father’s heart when we are filled with anxiety and stressing over our need of something He has already taken care of?  I suppose it grieves Him the way it would have grieved my father.  When Jesus said, “it is finished”, I believe He meant it.  All that needed to be done for our salvation (which includes healing) was done;  the trust fund was set up for us.  We don’t have to be stressed out and doubting while we wait for our healing, we can trust that our Father who loves us best and has unlimited resources has paid for our healing.  There’s not a better insurance program out there than that.

What a gracious and compassionate Father You are.  Thank You for calling me to be Your child, for providing for me, for making a way for my salvation and healing.  Forgive me for the times I have spent my waiting time worried and anxious, help my unbelief.  Help me to be one who You can use to point others to You.  Amen.