The Puppy and the Peanut Butter


“Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.”   

As I write this, our Goldendoodle puppy Sadie is persistently attempting to clean the insides of an empty peanut butter jar. She has the top part really clean but hasn’t figured out how to get her face and tongue far enough down to clean the bottom.  She has been working on this for over half an hour! She has gotten the label all the way off and has bent back the edges of the plastic jar enough to get her face further down, but there is still peanut butter to be had.  Watching her determination is funny and heartwarming and sometimes, makes me think that maybe she isn’t all that smart.  Or maybe she’s smart enough to know that persistence pays off. Even if to others it looks like a lost cause.

I think that sometimes of my pursuit of healing. Why not just give up and accept that this is what it is and move one?  I would bet that to others that my determination may at times seems odd and, at times, may seem heartwarming, and maybe at other times, it just seems like, well, maybe she just isn’t all that smart. To me, though, there is something bigger at stake than getting the last bite of peanut butter. My healing, your healing is worth pursuing. It has been paid for and the price was high: Jesus taking all our diseases on the cross with Him to put an end to their destruction in our lives.

God made it clear in scriptures that Jesus came to do the will of God and Jesus went about healing all. ALL.  I am sure that sometimes, these people who came were to Jesus looking for healing were viewed as odd. I mean, who tears a hole in a roof to let someone down into the house on a pallet? That’s major league cutting in line, not to mention just plain odd. But they persisted and the man was healed. If I had been willing to say enough is enough and move on when we were believing for our son John, I am not so sure he’d be here today. I can’t help but wonder what other miracles I have missed because I was unwilling to persist to the end.  I don’t want to quit believing for my healing any more than Sadie wants to give up on that last bit of peanut butter, regardless of how it looks to others (and myself at times).

Jesus, You know the struggles I have had with faith, how it waxes and wanes, how some days faith comes easy and others, not so easy. Help me to be steady, to be persistent to the end when I see this promise of Yours manifested in my life. I’m not resting in my ability to believe, but resting in the faithfulness of Your love, Your character and Your word.  Thank You for bringing our promised son, John into our lives when it seemed impossible, and thank You for this healing You bring into my life even when, at times, it seems impossible. Forever Your humble follower, I thank You. Amen.


Puppy Love

pups 016


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;

came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

John 10:10

We have a litter of nine Goldendoodles right now.  They are three weeks old as I write this.  The mother has been a fantastic mom taking care of them, but then she developed mastitis.  She is on antibiotics and pain medication but has not been able to have them nurse because the pain is still too great.  She stands outside their pen licking them and watching over them.  Every once in a while she tries to walk in with them but then stops herself.  She remains on constant vigil just beyond their reach.   She loves those puppies but pain is keeping her from taking care of them like she wants and like they need.

I was praying for her this morning.  Praying for her healing so she could take care of the pups she loves so much.  I couldn’t help but see the parallel.  I have four pups myself.  Three are grown but we still have a 14 year old at home.  A fourteen year old who at times is neglected, a fourteen year old that would love do things with his mom but, all too often, pain keeps me on the peripheral of his life, a fourteen year old who has been gracious and understanding and patient, a fourteen year old I would dearly love to take care of the way it is in my heart to do.  Much like my momma dog longs to do with her pups.  But between me and my son is a wall of pain.

Pain is a thief.  It was never part of God’s plan when He blessed me with children.  His plan was that I would walk in divine health and be able to take good care of each and every one of my kids, not just the ones who came before the pain instead of after.

Jesus came that we might have life and that life more abundantly. I have heard people comment that God gave them pain to teach them lessons.  While I don’t doubt that there are lessons that only pain can teach, this verse tells me exactly who delivered the pain and it wasn’t God because pain is a thief, plain and simple.

Dear Jesus, dear, dear Jesus, I marvel once again at Your goodness, at Your foresight, at Your ability to know my needs even before they present themselves to me.  Thank You for the life You died to give me, a life that is filled with abundance.   May Your resurrection power be at work in me today.  Please help me to recognize the works of the devil – stealing, killing, destroying.  Forgive me for the times I have accused You of putting pain on me. Help me to walk in the abundant life You came to give me.   Amen