Praise Report!



I interrupt this regularly scheduled devotion to bring you this praise report. Bruce, my husband, is home from the hospital, recovering well and giving God all the glory and honor!

He wasn’t supposed to be doing this well, according to the doctors that formed his team. He was diagnosed with neck and head cancer, scheduled for a 12 hour surgery, informed the surgery may disfigure him and leave him unable to speak or eat and sent to see a dentist, a radiation specialist and a chemo specialist. Oh, and if needed, a cancer support counselor. The day of the surgery, a team of nurses and doctors were called in for a safety meeting to discuss and prepare for this man who was going to have such a horrible ordeal.

I am not saying he didn’t have a horrible ordeal, but when the nurses who were prepped for this ordeal saw him for the first time, they couldn’t believe he was the man they had prepared for.

He was sitting up in bed, talking, and not disfigured. The surgery only lasted 7 hours. That’s still long, I realize but far less than they anticipated. He will still have radiation, but not chemo.  Whatever cancer may be there, they found it early enough to ensure a good outcome!

All of the tissue samples came back clean – no cancer! Praise God! Two lymph nodes were removed because they had HPV 16, but again, no cancer.

Bruce and I acknowledge God’s hand in all of this.

So many people prayed for him. So many people we are indebted to. And I just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for the prayers, the encouragement, the love, the dinners, the visits to the hospital, the hugs, the laughter, the shoulder to lean on.

We aren’t done, but I know that with friends and family like you, and a God who is greater than cancer, we will be victorious even in this. Thank you.


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