Jehovah Jireh



Jehovah Jireh, is another name for the Lord, it means the Lord will provide or the God that sees ahead and makes provision. Nothing catches Him off-guard. Nothing leaves Him wondering what to do next. Nothing taps His resources so much that He has little to give. Nothing.

I’ll be honest, when this whole cancer thing came up, we were looking ahead to a big unknown and wondering how will this affect our resources. How on earth do we continue to pay bills and buy groceries and has gas money when the co-pays and the deductibles are so huge?  I kept reminding myself of this redemptive name of the Lord – Jehovah Jireh and tried very hard to rest in the knowledge that He knows the need and has already started preparing the finances to meet that need, but sometimes, it was hard.

We did what we could, we put a halt on extra spending to put more in savings, we paid some bills ahead, stocked up on groceries, signed up for medical leave, things like that. But still the big questions remained of how to have the deductible paid before surgery and how to cover the weeks that medical leave didn’t cover when Bruce wouldn’t be working.  We didn’t have an answer. But God did.

Our insurance company has financial aid available for times just as this and we qualified and were able to get everything paid for the next three months! Whatever the cost of surgery, lab tests, prescriptions, radiation, chemo that our regular insurance didn’t cover entirely, this aid will cover to 100%! That’s an incredible provision.

Turns out the company Bruce works for has a voluntary program in place for times like this. People who want to can donate PTO (paid time off) to another employee who isn’t able to work and has run out of PTO or medical leave. Isn’t that amazing!

All of this took us by surprise – the cancer, the costs, the overwhelming life change that a major illness can mean. But, the good news is, none of it took God by surprise. He saw ahead and He made provision to get us through. How amazing is our God!

Jehovah Jireh, my provider. Thank You for keeping such close tabs on us that this did not catch You unprepared. Thank You for making provision on our behalf and leading us into that provision. To You be the honor and the glory and all praise. Amen.


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