The Lord Is Ready To Help


The Lord is ready to help all those who call out to him.
    He helps those who really mean it when they call out to him.
 He satisfies the needs of those who have respect for him.
    He hears their cry and saves them.

Psalm 145: 18-19

My husband’s surgery went really well. The surgeon found no cancer, but is still convinced there is some.  Bruce is recovering very nicely and making good progress towards coming home.  We all breathed a collective sigh of relief. The doctors had prepared us for the worst, sometimes even graphically. God gave Bruce an amazing peace the day before the surgery and he spent the day with our son John. They went to a movie and had a great time. The peace was such a wonderful pre-op gift.

We were blessed to have so many people pray for Bruce.  Friends from our church, family members, and these three friends who showed up to pray for him in the hospital room. The Lord heard the prayers and saved Bruce from so much invasive surgery.   And we are so grateful.

We serve an awesome God, a God who is ready to help ALL who call out to Him, all who really mean it, all who have respect for Him.  He hears and He saves. What an awesome God!

Are you in need? Have you cried out to God? Do you respect Him? If you need prayer, I would be happy to join my faith with yours in prayer, please let me know.

Father God, thank You for hearing our prayers, for responding to our prayers, for being ready to help, ready, willing and able. We are so blessed to have the friends we have and the doctors and nurses who have taken such good care of Bruce, thank You. Truly, You are an awesome God.  Amen.



  1. Dear Diane,
    Before I introduce myself, I would like to say you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I did not know about your challenges with surgery and cancer, and I know that God is working in your lives, and bless you for sharing so openly!

    Now to my introduction, I work with your daughter, Bonnie, in Libby, and she told me that you have a blog. I am new to the blogging experience and when I mentioned I had started a blog, Bonnie spoke glowingly of your work – with a daughter’s love and pride.

    It is an honor to get to know you through your work. Thank you for sharing your faith and talents.


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