Great… Another Interruption!


Be clear-minded and alert.

Your opponent, the devil, is prowling around like a roaring lion,

looking for someone to devour.

I Peter 5 : 8


Interruptions are a pet peeve of mine. Because I work with kids, when they are the interrupters, I use them as a teachable moment trying to help the kids look at the scene and determine the best way to get the attention they want/need at the moment in a way that is respectful of others. This probably comes up two dozen times a day.

When it is an adult that interrupts, I stop for a moment and practice what I have tried to teach the kids – I survey the scene, weigh out possible responses and determine whether this is the time for me to stop what I am doing or respectfully say, not now, please. One thing that has helped with these kinds of interruptions is for me to do less and create more time for them, knowing they will come. And to make peace with the fact that dishes can really wait.

Recently, we had cancer rear its ugly head in my husband and my daughter’s lives. I know God is our Healer and knew He had this in His hands, but still I found myself with a knotted stomach and clinched teeth and sleepless nights. I know better and I agonized over why I am reacting the way that I was because I do know better and yet, could not get clarity on this.

Several questions were asked in a discussion group I attend on interruptions, how we deal with them, what kind of responses do they elicit from us, do we see them as time wasters or God moments? This is a class on emotional intelligence. It wasn’t until thinking through these questions about interruptions that I realized why this was getting to me the way it was – because it is an interruption – a pet peeve of mine. These diagnoses stole resources (time, money, energy) from us that we had designated for better things and it made me angry, only I didn’t recognize it as anger until I could see if for what it is – an interruption. One I am powerless to change, so the teachable moment becomes mine. A moment for me to survey the scene, recognize the source and plan appropriate responses.
All easier said than done.

I have surveyed the scene, I recognize the hand of the enemy, our opponent, the devil and I see his schemes for what they are – an interruption – a device to steer me off course, a method to get me anxious and fretful and worried even if only for a moment. He’s still the same as he was in the garden of evil, trying to cast doubt on the goodness of God and all that God has provided for me and for my family members and for you. And my new more appropriate response – my God is able to restore all that has been taken because of this interruption. He is a God of restoration and healing and holds my husband and my daughter in His tender hands, close to His heart.

Thank You Father, for opening my eyes to the source of my anxiety. Thank You, once again, for being my Ever-Present Help in time of need and the Healer for my husband and daughter. Restore to them, I pray the resources that this interruption stole from them and bring them up to higher places in You, with You, for You. I ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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