Spring Break BBQ


And if you give even a cup of cold water to one of the least of my followers,

you will surely be rewarded.

Matthew 10:42


This verse was far from my mind when I agreed to help Brittany out on the Spring Break BBQ. What was on my mind was the children who depend on the school for breakfast and lunches going hungry when the school was closed for a week.  At some point what crossed my mind was – are you crazy? – where are you going to get hundreds of hot dogs and buns and such – and what if it rains – what if no one comes?  All sorts of things on my mind, but not getting a reward.  But as God would have it, I was rewarded. I’d like to share how:

The first reward came in the form of donations. Ours is a set up and step out kind of church and donations of money, food and time were pledged from the first sharing of our plan. Someone reading my post about this sent money from Houston and friends of a friend who read the post gathered food for the event. A local grocer donated a gift card!

Second reward: we served 350 lunches!

Third reward: we had awesome weather both days. Here in the Pacific Northwest in the early days of spring that is more of a miracle than a given!

Fourth: we fed some young kids that could barely talk and some older ones that could barely walk!


Fifth: we had enough food to biggie size some lunch bags and take them to the homeless people at the underpass near the church!

Sixth: we had a large number of Russian speaking people come. We would have been unable to communicate with them except that one of our teen volunteers speaks fluent Russian. He greeted them in their native language and put them at ease!

Seventh: a resident from the apartments drove up on her wheelchair to make a donation. She didn’t want any food, but knowing the need in that community, she wanted to help out!


Eighth: we made some great new friends!


Ninth: we raised awareness of the need for children who may go hungry when school is out!

Tenth: We got to see first hand what can be done when people work together for a common goal!

Thank you, Brittany and Roger and Pastor Brandon and all who made this possible!


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