Fear Minions


Yesterday, I took my dog Chloe to work with me. I do this regularly; the kids love her and she loves the kids. But yesterday, I witnessed something very disturbing. My assistant was absent and there was a sub there in her place. This woman was terribly afraid of dogs, even my wonderful, sweet one. For three hours, I worked at keeping Chloe away from her, but still several times, when the woman approached us, Chloe went into attack mode, barking and baring her teeth (which isn’t something you want in a Theraplay dog). Despite my efforts, Chloe and the sub never got past the fear that stood between them.

I was reminded of the times, when as a child, we would go to our Uncle Bob’s house. We loved playing with our cousins and being there, but they had a dog that loved to chase us. Chase with intent to harm. Uncle Bob told us repeatedly to stand our ground and not run (really?) because dogs can sense fear and they respond to it in an aggressive way.

I saw that up close and personal yesterday at work. I hated seeing my dog be so aggressive and hated even more that anyone would have cause to fear her. But there it was.

Some 365 times in the Bible we are admonished to fear not.  God knows fear is going to rear its head, but He says, not to fear. Sounds about as easy sometimes as standing your ground as a child when a dog that weighs as much as you do is giving chase.

So what can we do when the fear minions start attacking?  One thing might be changing the channel in our head from fear talk to faith talk. Find Bible verses that speak against fear, (I have a page of No Fear Confessions you might look at) and let them be the tape that plays in your head.

Another thing might be to remind ourselves of God’s faithfulness in the past to bring us through what seemed impossible at the time. Joshua did this for his fighting men. Right after they had conquered five enemy armies, leaving more to yet conquer, he told his men “Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged… Be strong and courageous, for the Lord is going to do this to all of your enemies”.  Then Joshua killed the five kings of the five armies.  Joshua 10: 25-26. The story continues until Joshua and his men had defeated 31 enemy kings and their armies!

The same God who brought victory in your life in the past will do it again. He hasn’t changed and His love for you hasn’t diminished. Whatever you are facing, don’t ever be afraid or discouraged. God is on your side.

You are the God of angel armies. Your word assures me that You have my back and You go before me when the battle rages. Help me to remember that when the fear minions are chatting in my head. Thank You for the times in the past when You brought me through what seemed impossible at the time, things that produced fear and discouragement. And where are those times now?  Gone, just like the enemy armies Joshua defeated.  Only You God, can bring that kind of victory in my life and I am grateful beyond words. Thank You for past victories and the ones to come. I love You. Amen.


picture credit: devomom.wordpress.com


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