All Increase of Life

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…the seed is the word of God.

Luke 8:11

My seedlings are coming up. I planted kale, lettuce and tomatoes. I’ll have cucumbers and spinach before I’m done. I am always fascinated by seeds. How they grow (even with me). There’s a determination in them to grow to fruition – to produce what they promise. Jesus told a parable about seeds and sowing and harvesting seeds. He ended by explaining that the seed in the parable is the Word of God.

Seed is peculiar, I can leave it in the bag unopened, stuffed away in a drawer and it remains the same. But once I have opened it and planted it, something amazing happens. New life springs up. It’s an amazing phenomenon, actually.

God’s word is like that. I can leave it alone, file it away and forget all about it or I can plant it like seeds. I need a harvest of healing in my life in my family members’ lives and I can’t expect a harvest where no seed has been planted. God’s word on healing needs to be planted, settled in my heart. I can’t just think I know, I can’t just hope it’s His will to heal, I must know for myself, that it is God’s will to heal, everyone, all, the many and my family and me. I need His word, His seed planted in the soil of my heart, not just once, but daily.

Notes I have scrawled in my Bible for this parable read like this:

Word – seed – the source of all saving life and growth possibilities transmitted from the Father to mankind.

All increase of life within His love comes by His word as human response gives place for His blessing.

I wish I knew who said that, but I don’t, probably notes I took years ago at Bible school. Could you use an increase of life in your body, your relationships, your finances, your heart?  I know I could. Whoever wrote this knew that God’s word can bring life only where we give place for it, only where we give response to it.   His blessings are the harvest of the seed of His word. Is it planted in you?

Heavenly Father, I  thank You for the seed – Your word and the life it has produced in me. Thank You for the life it will produce in me and the harvest of Your blessings I will see as Your word brings forth fruit in my life and in my family members’ lives.  Be my gardener, till the stony ground of my heart, gently water seed that has been planted in me and watch over it, I pray to perform it in my life and the lives of those I love. I ask in the name of Your gracious Son, Jesus. Amen.


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