Parent Teacher Conferences


Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.

Song of Solomon 4:7

Recently, the school where I work held their Parent/Teacher Conferences and handed out report cards. Ugh! How well I remember the feelings associated with those times. Good grades meant I was ok and bad grades meant there was something wrong with me. These were not my take on the grading system but my parents’. I tried really hard to make good grades, sometimes it came easy and other times, like Spanish class and math, well, not so easy. I always wished that grades were not so important to my parents and that my value didn’t rise and fall by those grades rising and falling.

I carried that same kind of thinking over into my adult life and into my relationship with God. I believed He graded me and my value to Him rose and fell with the grades He gave me. Turns out, I was wrong. He isn’t grading me, He isn’t grading You.

Thanks to the finished work of Jesus on the cross, my value to God doesn’t depend upon my ability to make the grade. Because there was no spot or blemish in Jesus, and His righteousness has been imputed to me, there is no spot in me in God’s eyes. That beats straight A’s on a report card any day.

Knowing this, though, didn’t stop me from bringing that kind of thinking into this quest of mine for healing from arthritis and chronic pain. I spent a lot of time thinking that if I could do this right enough or that long enough or confess enough healing scriptures well enough, then my healing would come. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do any of it well enough or long enough or right enough. I don’t believe now that it would have mattered even if I could have. If my healing, my miracle depends to any degree on my ability to perform to a certain standard, then I’m in deep doo!

Fortunately, my healing doesn’t depend on my ability to do anything other than place my faith in Jesus and His word and His amazing sacrifice for me.

I felt really bad for some of the kids when I saw them after their conferences. I knew that expectations had not been met. I prayed they could know their value apart from those grades. I pray I would know my value apart from my ability to perform. Because God sees me as having no spot, no unworthiness,  I can approach Him in confidence knowing that He hears my requests and that He isn’t deciding to answer them according to my ability but according to His son’s righteousness. And if my request lines up with His word, the answer is yes!

Heavenly Father, gracious heavenly Father, what an awesome God You truly are! To see me as having no spot, no poor grades, no unworthiness because of Jesus’ righteousness being imputed to me. Thank You for showing me Your love for me, for declaring Your love for me throughout scriptures. Thank You for the times You have healed me in the past and thank You for the healing You are providing even now. And please, Father, bless those kids whose countenances were turned down from a poor parent teacher conference. Shower them with Your love and heal any brokenness the may feel over their performance. I ask in Jesus’s name. Amen.


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