Facing the Fear


…Fear not…

Genesis 15:1

When my loved one’s diagnosis came and the ramifications started setting in, I found myself wallowing in fear.  To my credit, I did bring to my remembrance scriptures that addressed fear such as “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind” and “fear not”. How many times is fear not written in the Bible? Actually, I just looked that up and the answer is 365.  I guess God knew fear would be an issue for us. To my discredit, I have been anxious, losing sleep, overeating, tense and at just plain ol’ overwhelmed.

Then I remember who I am – a child of God and I began addressing the fear. While fear may be a natural, even expected reaction to a life-altering diagnosis, it is something God went to great lengths in His word to tell us that we don’t need to be afraid. From Genesis to Revelation, God tells His people to fear not. Some reasons given are:

He is with us.

He is for us

He wrote the book and He knows how it ends.

No weapon formed against us prospers.

He never leaves us.

He answers prayer.

He performs miracles.

He comforts His people.

He guides His people.

He loves us.

He has good plans for us.

He is our Great Physician.

His rod and His staff comfort us.

He leads us in paths of righteousness.

He didn’t give us fear, He gives power, love and a sound mind.

There are so many more reasons. Trials come and go, but the word of God stands forever. We will, by the grace of God, make it through this until the day healing is complete but wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make it through without giving fear any place in our lives? This diagnosis did not surprise God; He knows exactly what is going on and He is well able and willing to see us through to health and wholeness.  I do not need to fear.

Lord Jesus, how well You know my inclination to allow fear to swallow me up at times. Thank You for Your exhortations throughout scriptures to fear not. Steady us as we go through this. Lead us in the path of healing that is right for us and give us courage, grace, wisdom and peace. I ask in Your mighty name, Amen.



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