Hurry Up and Rest

Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest…  Hebrews 4:11

I consider Saturday and Sunday my rest days.  After I have caught up on laundry, done the serious house cleaning, prepared a grocery list and actually gotten the groceries and put them away, done the dishes, cleaned up after the dogs, moved the piles that accumulated during the week, etc.  Resting gets put off and too many times doesn’t even happen ’til bedtime.  I hurry and rush around so that I have time to rest.  Sound familiar?

It was suggested that yoga might be good for my body; might help with pain.  I watched (notice I didn’t say I did it) a yoga video today and he talked about the importance of waking up and greeting each daily peacefully and slowly, giving our bodies and minds time to ease into the day.  He actually suggested setting the alarm for a half hour earlier.  Really? And not pushing the snooze button even once? Just one more obstacle in my quest for peace and healing!  I’m willing to try though.  Tomorrow.

Getting stuff out of the way so I can rest doesn’t work.  I have come to know that rest needs to be a priority. But here we are deep into the holiday season and rest, well, rest just might have to wait. Rest is too easy to put off.

There is a rest promised to us as children of God. Not just a rest from our labors but also a rest from the issues and concerns of life that keep us in a state of unrest. A rest that comes from believing in the promises of God even when there is no evidence of their fulfillment in our lives. Rest in the Christian life comes from complete trust in God’s word, His promises and full surrender to His will in our lives. The promise land is fulfilled in me in that place of faith, in that place of rest. Sometimes, the labor I have to do to get to that place of rest is to work at changing my unbelief into belief, by purposing to take God at His word, regardless of what I see around me. Some Israelites failed to enter the Promised Land because of unbelief, some of us could fail to inherit the promises of God because of our unbelief.

Lord, I want to enter Your Promised Land, I want to walk in the healing You have provided for me, the provision You have promised and the plans You have purposed for me. Help me to still my anxious thoughts and rest in the comfort of Your promises. When I waver in my faith, shore me up. When I refuse to rest, nudge me. When I become anxious and fearful, calm me. Heal me O, Lord and I shall be healed, Save me and I shall be saved. Amen.


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