Weaning Time

spice 5

I watched Chloe our mama dog with her pups at weaning time. It wasn’t a terribly pleasant sight to watch. They would approach her to nurse and I felt bad for her because their teeth are so sharp and their claws are so long, I know they hurt her. Then I would feel bad for them because she would begin the weaning training. At first, she would simply raise her lip. They ignored that warning so she growled gently at them. They ignored that warning also. She growled louder, they ignored that. This continued several times until finally, she turned around, barked loudly at them and then nipped them on their heads. Off they would run, crying and hollering.

What amazed me about this is that Chloe could have avoided the whole thing. She could have stayed safely inside and ignored the pups outside. It couldn’t have been a very fun task for her but she went to the back door about a dozen times in one day wanting to be let out to do more training. I would let her out and the process would begin all over again.

After about a week or so, Chloe could go outside without being mauled by the litter of pups. This had been her goal. To be able to enjoy her pups without their constant demands on her. After the successful training, Chloe was able to go outside, play with her puppies, lay in the sun with them, and it was so nice to see her able to do that with them.

Sometimes, I think, God trains us through the circumstances of our lives. It may not be any more enjoyable for Him than it is for us. I think God’s goal, one of them, is to be able to enjoy a relationship with us, one that moves beyond our constant demands into a place of resting and just enjoying each other’s company. It’s a worthy goal, one I would like to attain to but I am not there. I heard the other day, that a goal without a plan is just a wish.

So, I am making my plan. Here is it so far: Purpose once a day (hopefully this will grow into more, but I am willing to start small) to talk to God without asking for one thing, not one thing, not even something for someone else. Sounds simple, maybe even too simple, and maybe it is. I won’t know though until I try. I want to enjoy my relationship with Him without my demands always being front and center.

Even now Lord, I can think of so many people and needs to pray for but I purpose to set those aside momentarily; You know the needs anyway. Today, I start my new plan towards my new goal – to be like a weaned pup resting with You, soaking up the sunshine with You, just enjoying each other’s company and I will be honest, I am not sure how to do that. My heart’s desire though is to learn. Thank You for drawing me closer, for calling after me and causing me to see Chloe and her joy in being with her weaned pups. I look forward to that joy characterizing our relationship. Amen.

picture credit: buzzle.com


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