Algebra and Chemistry and Physics, Oh My!

 People learn from one another, just as iron sharpens iron.

Proverbs 27:17

Our son is homeschooled and I get to be his “teacher”. He is in ninth grade which means we are dealing with teenage stuff and subjects that I haven’t even thought of since I was in 9th grade some decades ago. To say that it is frying my brain is an understatement. I didn’t want to learn it then and I don’t want to learn it now. And yet, here we are everyday learning or attempting to learn about fusion and functions and changes of state and specific heat and variables…  UGH! I do have to admit though, the other night when we were watching Jeopardy as a family, my son and I could answer every question under the Periodic Table category and we both got a swelled head. Finally, some of this stuff came in handy for something!

It makes me think of the myriad of things I have not wanted clouding my brain. I have a hard enough time remembering the things I want to remember.  I have chosen a path I call Purposeful Ignorance and I tend to ignore or fail to learn or pay attention to things that I am not concerned about until I need them. It’s gotten me this far which may or may not be saying a lot. In my pursuit of healing, I have purposefully chosen not to read articles or listen to sermons or teachings from anyone who doesn’t believe as I do. I was concerned that their opposing beliefs might taint mine.

When I finally decided the tackle some of these writings and sermons, I found, to my surprise, that instead of tainting my theology on divine healing, it actually shored it up somewhat. I read and listened to their reasonings, dug more in the Bible and thought through their findings and discovered that my faith grew stronger because of applying myself to thinking through their positions. The proverb says that iron sharpens iron; that we learn from each other. Purposeful ignorance kept me from being willing to allow that process to build faith in me; to strengthen me. This is a process that is needed for me and others. We need each other, even if we don’t agree on everything. Or anything.  It is good for faith to be challenged because it can make it stronger. In spite of all I read, I still believe divine healing is for today and for all who come to Jesus for healing; I believe it is part of the atonement. And I believe my day is coming.

Jesus, thank You for taking my pains, my sicknesses, my sins upon Yourself and paying the price for them that I could not pay. I know You are my healer God.  I am so grateful for the naysayers You have put in my path that have helped build my faith. Today, would You touch those in need of healing, those who have put their trust in You, those who have believed in Your word, and those who have grown weary of waiting and bring about Your perfect plans and purposes in their lives?  Where there is doubt would You reveal truth, for those who have no hope, would You encourage them today?  Please be the lifter of their heads, I ask in Your mighty name, Amen.


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