Hard Things but Not Too Difficult


Ah, Lord. God! Behold Thou hast made the heavens and the earth

by Thy great power and by Thy outstretched arm!

Nothing is too difficult for Thee!

Isaiah 32:17

My daughter arranged for us to have this sign donated to us by friendly strangers off of a blog she read regularly.  At the time, we were going through a very difficult time. My husband had been diagnosed with cancer in several spots of his skin and lips.  I was becoming more and more frustrated by the lack of answers over the chronic pain I was in and the intensity of the pain 24/7. There were other things going on then, but these were the biggies. The sign hung as an encouragement to help us get through and now hangs as a reminder that we can indeed do hard things. We can go through hard times, but I know, for me, I couldn’t go through hard times if I didn’t believe God was in control and that truly nothing is too difficult for Him. Nothing. Not cancer, not undiagnosed pains, not arthritis, not addiction, not rebellious kids, not distant spouses, nothing. I don’t believe I could go through hard times without that hope.

Hard times come and hard times go. Some are much harder than others but regardless of the intensity, hard is hard. We made it through those hard times and many, many others. I keep hoping for that high plateau that keeps us above hard things, but life is oftentimes, just plain hard.  In those times, for me, it is helpful to remember that hard times, like the seasons, change. They don’t stay forever; they are temporary. I can almost hear some saying, “but this one has gone on forever”. I know that feeling all too well. But still, it is a season and destined to change.

When the pain is so great I can barely walk, I remember that nothing is too difficult for God. When the pain has caused too many sleepless nights, I remember the God that has always brought me through. I’m still here. I’m still standing. Only God!

Whatever difficult or hard times you may be facing right now, please know that with God nothing is too difficult, nothing is too big or small for Him to be concerned about. He is not so busy that You have been put on back burner. He loves and cares for You and there is an appointed time for your hard time to end. Only God!

Where would I be if You hadn’t brought me through the hard times? Which one of them would have swallowed me up? I have nowhere to turn but You; only You have words of life and power to overcome the most difficult of hard times. Only You know what it’s going to take to free me from this pain and bring me to victory. I trust in You, I count on You, I look to You, I depend on You. You are my Ever-Present Help in time of need. Thank You for the countless times You have brought me and my family through hard times. Amen.


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