Brick Wall


Along the way in this healing process, God began showing me some areas of my life where I have harbored unforgiveness. Even more than just the unforgiveness was the wall I erected between me and other people because of hurts. I built the wall using bricks, each brick representing a hurt I refused to let go of. God, being a holistic healer, knows that my healing needs to be more than skin deep or joint deep, it needs to encompass all of me.  Unforgiveness is a poison, a toxin, if you will, that hinders my life from the healing God desires to bring me.

In I Corinthians we are taught some aspects of love, one of which is that love doesn’t keep track of wrongs done to me, it doesn’t keep score of other’s faults against me. Love can’t build walls between people because love has no bricks to build with.  My brick wall was built as any brick wall is built, one brick at a time until my heart was so covered and obscured from view that I could hardly feel anything except bitterness.

I have to tear down that wall and the good news is, I don’t have to do it alone. By God’s grace, I can forgive. I can declare forgiveness for that person that hurt me and I can’t pray for forgiveness for that person and even if my feelings don’t line up just yet, they will one day and my brick wall will come tumbling down completely.

Love is an awful lot of things, but it is not bricks.

Jesus, sometimes You just ask what seems to be impossible. How am I to forgive some of those hurts? How do I let them go? If I tear down that wall, what protects me from further hurts? You see how hard this is and yet You still ask. Help me in my journey of forgiving to  let go, to leave those unanswered questions with You and just pick up the grace You provide in return. Release ________ from the unforgiveness I have held and forgive ________ . I choose to forgive, I choose to forgive, I choose to forgive. Jesus be my helper, and thank You so much for the forgiveness You have purchased on my behalf. Be with me, be with _______ I ask in Your name. Amen.

picture credit: diane reid


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