Ok, But How?

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,

faithfulness,gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

Galatians 5:22-23

So having been recently made aware that failure to do what I believe is right in terms of my healing is tantamount to committing suicide*  and purposing to be more diligent in eating and exercise habits, my first thought then was “OK, I get it, but how?”   We are talking about me here, me who has little self control or maybe even none at times. How do I now implement a healthier regime and keep it up daily?

Then I read this verse and I see clearly what has escaped me before, self control is a fruit of the Spirit. That’s empowering news to me. I don’t have to rely on my self-control or muster it up or bite my lip and grit my teeth to pull this off. I only have to allow the fruit of the Spirit to grow in me.

And again, I ask “Ok, but how?”

Back in the day when my knees used to bend slightly, I gardened. Certain things need to be in place for a harvest to occur. Good soil, sunshine, water and pruning. If those conditions were met and my garden carefully tended, I could count on the fruit of my labors – fresh, organically grown vegetables. I believe it is the same way in my life and my walk with God. If I want the fruit of the Spirit to be evidenced in my life, I need to tend the garden. I need to plant the seed of God’s word, on good soil in my heart. I need to provide essential nutrients like daily feeding on the word, prayer, exercising faith and allowing God to prune the weeds out of my life. If these conditions are met, I can count on a harvest of the fruits of His Spirit – self-control being only one of them. One I desperately need now.

This is incredibly freeing to me. Not only does God give me the direction to take in this healing path, but He provides the self control needed to get there. All of my life, I have berated myself for my lack of self control. I have felt worthless and stupid and weak because of it and now I know that it isn’t a weakness in me that is meant to drive me to despair. It’s a weakness in me that’s meant to drive me to God; to allow Him to empower me by His fruit growing in the garden of my heart.

Once again Lord, You have blown me away with Your goodness and grace and mercy. It truly is never ending, isn’t it? I stand amazed. Thank You for Your word and for showing me these empowering truths. I don’t need self control; I need You. I can’t muster up self control, I can only lean on You. Grow Your fruit in me, continue the pruning You are doing and please continue showing me these powerful truths from Your word. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

*see yesterday’s post

picture credit  fineartamerica.com



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