Moved With Compassion

Some time ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a week with a dear friend I met when we attended Victory Bible Institute some years ago.  Among many other things, we spent a good deal of time questioning why we don’t see miracles of healing more often than we do.  We both very firmly believe that God still heals today and that it is His will to heal all that would come to Him for healing.  And yet, we know, as you probably do as well, people with faith who are sick and fighting disease and some who are crippled and some who die at a younger age than seems right to us,  including family members.

And yet we still believe. Which led us to we wonder why we don’t see miracles more often.

We came up with a number of possible reasons which may become topics of other posts.  But during this time, I read Mark 1:41 and the phrase “moved with compassion” stood out to me.  This is the story of Jesus healing the leper.  The leper didn’t come in faith, in fact, he came with one big doubt – is Jesus willing to heal him – an outcast, a leper, someone deemed unclean by the society in which he lived, someone people threw rocks at just to keep him at bay.  Is Jesus willing to heal someone like that?

Moved with compassion, Jesus stretched out His hand and touched him and said to him “I am willing; be cleansed” 

Mark 1:41

Jesus settled the issue in the man’s heart and touched him and healed his body.  Then He did a strange thing – He warned Him sternly not to tell anyone.  Wow!  He performs a miracle and doesn’t want press!

Someone smarter than me defined ego as “edging God out” of allowing my agenda to reign supreme over all.  I was convicted by this verse, by the whole compassion thing.  I have been in ministry for years in local churches; I have faithfully followed Jesus since 1983 but I had to look at some things I have done and question – was it compassion that motivated me or ego.  Egads, this wasn’t pleasant.  Not at all.

After a week of soul searching and prayer, I am reasonably convinced that perhaps one reason we don’t see miracles of healing more often is that sometimes we edge God out and compassion takes a back seat to my reputation, my desire to build a ministry, a name, a greater following…etc,.  Speaking for myself only, I see now that there were times when compassion wasn’t the primary motivation.  Sometimes my motives were more about ego and less about compassion than I am comfortable with.  And this isn’t limited to ministry; if I be honest with myself I see how some things I do, I do because I believe it is expected of me, it makes me look good, or because of some reward or harvest I expected from my sowing of my time or money.  Which is not to same I am a mean, rotten person, I don’t believe I am.  I think I am just pretty average in this regard; I’m probably not the only one who has had ego rise up higher in me than compassion.


It is all to easy to do all the right things for all the wrong reasons.

Maybe, just maybe, when ego steps aside and we allow compassion for the hurting, the outcasts, the people our society rejects, the ones we’d just as soon walk past and pretend we don’t see to become front and center, maybe we would see more healings and miracles. Just maybe.

Forgive me Father for not seeing people the way You do. Forgive me for all the times I have looked past or overlooked someone because they made me uncomfortable. I sincerely want to see more miracles of healing and I believe You do too. Help me be an instrument of Your healing, to be moved with compassion the way You are, to be willing to reach out to any and all who are hurting and extend Your love and grace, I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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