My Help

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;
From where shall my help come?
 My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.
 He will not allow your foot to slip;
He who keeps you will not slumber.
 Behold, He who keeps Israel
Will neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper;
The Lord is your shade on your right hand.
 The sun will not smite you by day,
Nor the moon by night.
 The Lord will protect you from all evil;
He will keep your soul.
 The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in
From this time forth and forever.

Psalm 121

It’s easy to read through a familiar passage of scripture and miss what God is saying. Every time our eyes fall on the word of God, He speaks anew to us if only we have ears to hear. It may be that we have read this psalm a number of times, it may be that we even quote the first lines in difficult times. It is good, though, to come to God’s word like a newbie; like one seeing the words for the very first time. The beauty of this psalm is what makes it so popular. The truths of this psalm are easy to forget in times of pain and stress:

God, who made heaven and earth, is my helper. 

If He could make heaven and earth, is there anything to difficult for Him?

He is not sleeping through my trial,

 He keeps my soul and guards all my day to day in and out movements.

When I feel alone, or can’t sleep, or the pain is driving me crazy, I can take comfort in knowing that He is near, He is not off sleeping somewhere and planning on getting caught up on my life later. He hasn’t put me on hold or transferred my call to someone else. He is intimately acquainted with all my ways and He is my help.

Sometimes, for me, that begs the question – then why not just end the pain?  Why not just take it away? Much as I wish I had an answer to that, I don’t. One day, His reasons will become clear, until then I can trust in His goodness to me and His help that is available to me through this trial.

Lord, how I want to take comfort from this psalm. Right now I have having difficulty doing that. How fickle my feelings can be. When the pain subsides, I know You to be my helper, but when I am in pain like I am right now, I question that. Forgive me for being so fickle. Shore up my faith, help me to stand firm on Your word, and help me to sink deep into Your arms. Thank You for being my 24/7 helper for keeping my soul and guarding my life and protecting me from evil. Thank You for loving me even when I am resistant to that love. In the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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