Paradigm Shift

This morning, like most mornings, I got out of bed and began gettting to get ready for work.  I limped, my knees wouldn’t bend, my fingers were numb, it hurt to bend over, etc…  The usual pains that accompany me.  And like most mornings. a song was running through my mind.  This chorus from Plumb was today’s pick.

How many times have you heard me cry out
“God please take this”?
How many times have you given me strength to
Just keep breathing?
Oh I need you
God, I need you now.

I’ve posted about this song before.  I love this song, but it today it struck me as whiney.  I mean no offense to Plumb because like I said, I love the song.

Today I decided though, enough is enough.

I have asked God to take this pain; I believe it’s His will.  But apparently, it’s not His timing.  So enough crying out to have Him “take this”.  This morning there was a paradigm shift in my thinking.  Wiktionary defines paradigm shift as a radical change in thinking from an accepted point of view to a new belief.    Here’s my new belief:  I would change that one line to God, please use this.  Use this pain, this trial, this season of my life to work out Your perfect plans in my life.

Romans 8: 28 says “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them”. 

This is a beautiful promise for those of us who trust Jesus, who have invited Him to be Lord of our life.  It’s kind of a puzzle to me how He will use this pain to work together for my good, but some of the pieces are starting to come together.  I hate this pain, but I love that I can relate better to others’ pain.  I hate the limitations it causes me, but I love the shifting of priorities that has caused.  I hate the mounting prescriptions but I love that each one of those that fails causes me to pursue more passionately the medicine of God’s word.

I’m sure there are more pieces to come just as I am sure one day He will “take this”

It has been my heart’s cry since I was a young child to be used by You. I know You know that.  You didn’t give up on that even when I was willing to.  Be the definer of my life and forgive me for all the days I allowed pain to define my life.  Take this pain in Your timing but until then, please use it, use me, as You will.  Let Your good and perfect plans for my life come out of this.  Thank You for that paradigm shift that occurred in my thinking this morning; it had to be You, I was too busy whining to think of it. In the name of my Healer, Your Son Jesus, I pray.  Amen



  1. What a mature and godly response to your trial. Your testimony to honor God in spite of this is another way that God is using this ‘for good.’ Thanks for the encouragement. We all need to look at our trials today! Amazing perspective!


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