Extreme Spoons

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A young boy I work with named Anthony was playing Extreme Spoons with a group of kids, mostly older ones.  This game is one I made up by tweaking the card game Spoons.  In this version, the spoons are arranged at the far side of the gym and the kids have to run to get them after discovering that someone has gotten a book of four cards.  Ordinarily, the spoons would be set on the table in front of them.  There would be one less spoon per kid so someone would not get one and lose that round.

Anthony is adorable and very athletic but still was no match against these older kids and try as he might, he couldn’t get there fast enough to get a spoon.  I decided to stack the deck in his favor.  I dealt the cards to everyone – 4 to each child.  I arranged that Anthony’s four cards would all be kings.  All he would have to do is get up and run to the spoons and he would win.  How could it fail?

It failed because when Anthony saw that he had 4 kings to start with, he started yelling and screaming about having a book.  He was so excited, he was jumping up and down and laughing and telling everyone about his kings, he was doing everything except running to get a spoon.  The other kids figured it out, ran to get their spoons and once again, Anthony lost.

I don’t know who was more disappointed, me or Anthony.

I can’t help but think that God stacks the deck in our favor.  All throughout scriptures are stories of God’s preparing and providing for His people’s victory.  Sometimes, they walk in that victory and sometimes, like Anthony, they stall out and fail to achieve all that God purposed for them.

I am like that, maybe you are too. 

Stalling out on a small issue and not being able to see that the deck has been stacked,

the victory won,

all I have to do is play the hand I have been dealt.

What would that mean on a day to day basis?  It might mean that I accept what I can not change. It might mean I keep my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of my faith.  How do I do that?  By reading what He says, looking at what He did, meditating on His promises, focusing on the answer, not the problem.  It might mean I keep doing those things until I see victory and not giving up because I don’t.  The victory I’m after is healing for my body, what victory are you in need of?

Thank You Lord that You have stacked the deck in my favor.  Open my eyes to what that truly means on a day to day basis.  Help me to walk in the victory You paid such a tremendous price for.  I praise You for Your goodness to me and my family and friends.  I praise You for the opportunity to play spoons with Anthony and all the other kids You have placed in my path.  Help me to love them as You would, to enjoy them as You would, to minister to them as You would.  In Your name, I pray.  Amen.

Pic credit  wikihow.com


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