I’m Shocked!

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No really, I was shocked!  I didn’t realize it though because my fingers were numb.  Numbness is just one symptom of carpal tunnel.  It is highly inconvenient at times.  Getting ready for work in the morning is the worst.  Routine things are difficult and sometimes impossible until my fingers can feel again. I can’t feel my hair to wash it, my face to apply make up.  I can’t button my pants or fasten my bra strap.  I can’t pick up a book and turn the pages or put ice in my tea.    It’s inconvenient and wears off soon enough to keep me from being late to work.

But the other day, I was plugging in a microwave with numb fingers.  The outlet was behind some things and I couldn’t see it well and my fingers failed to cooperate.  It was awkward and I couldn’t get the job done.  At one point, I felt a weird sensation near my wrist and I realized that I was being shocked.  I didn’t feel the shock until it had traveled up the numb zone to the feeling zone.  I’ve never had that happen before.  I was bothered by that.

What bothered me was that I realized that in 50 plus years of having hands that functioned correctly, I never once thanked God for them.  Not once.  I took them for granted.  I started mentally listing a number of things I took for granted and I’d like to thank Him now.

Thank You Father for all the times my hands worked perfectly enough for me to:

Change a diaper

Wipe away a tear

Braid my daughters’ hair

Bridle a horse

Milk a goat

Bathe a dog

Play my guitar

Play my piano

Take photographs and develop and print them

Cook dinner

Wash dishes

Open a jar

Brush my teeth

Feel my husband’s skin

Use a pen to write

Hold a telephone

Scratch an itch

Tend a garden

Can the harvest



Sew my daughters’ clothes

Make quilt as gifts



Have thumb wars with my son

Run my fingers through my child’s or my husband’s or my hair

It’s pretty much endless isn’t it Father?  All the things my hands have done in the past 58 years.  Things that I can’t do so well now.  Forgive me for taking those things for granted; for not even once thanking You.  I am thanking You now.  What a marvelous gift hands are and what a marvelous God You are.  Thank you for the endless list of things I have been able to feel and make and touch throughout my life.  Thank You for the things I have yet to touch and feel and make.  Amen.


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