Guard Your Heart

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Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.  Proverbs  4:23

God gave me free will; I choose what goes into my heart.  I can fill it with negative thoughts and wallow in negative emotions – I can catalog my pain and my symptoms and relive past hurts from others or I can fill it with positive thoughts – I can fill it with God’s word and His promises, I can choose to forgive those that have hurt me, I can choose to dwell on loving others instead of protecting myself.  It’s my choice.  Joseph Prince says thoughts that come to our mind are like birds flying over our head; we can’t stop them from flying over our heads but we can stop them from building a nest there.

What I meditate on, what I consider and ponder, sinks into my heart and, according to this verse, will determine the course of my life.  Where am I headed?  Where are you headed?

Even in the secular world, people are aware of the power of positive thinking.  Doctors will tell you that meditating on good things will aid in the healing process.  What could be more positive, more healing  than God’s word?

If I harbor bitterness, anger, lust, fear, doubt in my heart, what path am I on?  And is it a path of healing?  Can I trust God with these things and allow His healing to flow into me and through me?  By His grace, I can change the course of my life.

Father, help me to guard my heart.  Help me to think on what is good and true and healing for myself and others.  Help me to allow Your word and Your will to be what determines the course of my life. Amen



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