Truth or Consequences

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Remember that old game show?    In this game show people were randomly picked from the audience and asked a trivia question that was chosen to be unanswerable.  Contestants who could not answer the question were forced to pay the consequence which was to perform a stunt designed to be crazy and embarrassing.  It was funny and many contestants deliberately answered wrong just to get to do the consequence.

Throughout the Bible, God’s people were constantly going back and forth and back and forth in their decision to take the truth of God’s word and apply it into their lives and reject it (and God) and go their own way.  The consequences for rejecting truth were painful.  God no longer protected them from their enemies and they were defeated again and again and ultimately taken into captivity.  In spite of their stubbornness, God was constantly wooing them back through the prophets.  The prophets reminded them of God’s love and warned them of the consequences of rejecting His truth.  When the people turned back to God, He forgave them and welcomed them back only to watch them wander off again.  It reads like a bad novel at times, certainly not as funny as a game show.  The first time I read through the history of God’s people, I couldn’t help but wonder at the people who would turn away and equally, I marveled at the God who forgave and welcomed them back.

I couldn’t help but see myself in there.  I love God, I love His word and yet at times, I wander.  To date, I have not found anything that satisfies the deep yearnings of my heart like His Word and His presence do.  But yet…

There are consequences for wandering.  Just as the Israelites were left exposed to enemy attack, I become vulnerable also.  My enemy is not some invading clan of people, but it is arthritis, chronic pain, allergies, carpel tunnel, lack of peace, strife, stress, relational problems, financial problems, disease…  Am I saying that all these things leave the instant I begin to put God in His proper place in my life?  No, certainly not.  But I am better able to stand against the attacks of the enemy when my God is in my life big time.  Chris Tomlin’s popular song says, “I know who goes before me, I know who stands behind, the God of angel armies is always on my side”.

Clinging to the truth of God’s word is far better than rejecting it and suffering the consequences alone.

God of angel armies, thank You for surrounding me with Your protection, thank You for purchasing my healing, my deliverance, my peace, my comfort, my joy and my ultimate victory by giving Your son to do battle in my behalf.  Thank You for the truth of Your word and Your faithfulness to Your word,  When I wander, please forgive me and please never stop wooing me back.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.



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