4-H Lessons


The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but victory belongs to the Lord.  Proverbs  21:31

When my three daughters were growing up, they each had a horse and were actively involved in 4-H.  I was the club leader for horsemanship and taught them and other kids how to ride and prepare and show their horses in the 4-H competitions.  It wasn’t easy for me or for them and it took a lot of work.  When show day arrived, there was really only so much more I could do; it was really in their hands to simply do what they knew to do.  Their victory was out of my hands.

Likewise, my victory is out of my hands.  Oh, I try to cooperate with God in my healing.  I try my best to follow my doctor’s advice.  I take the supplements prescribed by my wellness consultants, I have identified foods I am allergic to and removed them from my diet.  I confess healing scriptures, I have had people lay hands on me and anoint me with oil.  I have done what I know to do.

And yet the symptoms remain. I feel like I have prepared the horse for the day of battle and the war is waging and sometimes, I feel like I am losing, but I know that ultimately the victory belongs to the Lord.

When I get discouraged and wonder if anything I am doing makes any difference in my pain level or my healing,  I need to remind myself that the battle belongs to the Lord.  All through the Old Testament when the Israelites went into battle, God gave them the battle plans and when they followed His plan, they were victorious.

I have to believe that the doctors and the supplements and the advice of my wellness consultants are battle plans given to me by God.  My faith, however, can’t be in these things or in my ability to follow these things.  My faith is in God and the victory belongs to Him.

Thank You for sending Jesus to take my pain, my sickness, my disease so that I can be free of them.  Thank You for the doctors and my wellness consultants and the wisdom You have given them.  Thank You that are with me, leading me to victory and being my comfort through this difficult time in my life, Amen


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