His Return


We are driving out today to pick up our son who has been in Montana for the past two weeks.  Feels more like two months; I have missed him so much.  Hope kept me going when the house was too quiet and way too clean.  I could pick up the phone and call him and hear his voice and rest in the assurance that he was having fun and doing well, but it simply wasn’t the same without him here.

This excitement I have over him returning after only two weeks made me wonder about the Lord’s return,  I realized I don’t look ahead to it with the same excitement that I have thinking of my son’s return.  I say this to my shame, but in my defense, my days are filled and His return seems so unknown to me.  Not just when but what will it really be like?

Charles Stanley has this to say about that day: Though it’s impossible to know exactly what the experience will be like, we can expect it to be magnificent. We’ll be transformed physically: unlike our present body, our new form won’t be susceptible to pain, sin, sickness, or death. And in an instant, we will be brought into the presence of our heavenly Father, to remain with Him eternally. 

I have been reading through Isaiah in my daily reading time.  The prophecies tell of time of restoration.  A time of healing.  A time when all who are far away will come near.  A time when all that we have taken simply on faith will become the reality of our lives visibly.  On a purely self-centered note, it means my legs will walk without pain, my hands will function without braces and pain.  I will be transformed in an instant.  I will see the object of my faith – Jesus Himself.  And because my sins will be gone, I will be able to stand and sit with Him without any discomfort or shame.  I will hang out with Jesus!  I will hang out with Jesus!  And my husband and my children and my grandchildren and my mom and dad and my brother and sisters and grandparents and the three babies I lost to miscarriage will all be there.  What a party that will be!  

Wow!  Sorry son, don’t get me wrong, but this trumps your return!

Lord Jesus, thank You for fulfilling the prophecies spoken of in Isaiah.  Thank You for ushering Your kingdom and inviting all who would to just simply come.  It is hard to imagine the kind of rejoicing that will take place, not just for my family but for all of Your families.  What an honor that we can hang out with You for eternity, thank You, thank You, thank You.  Amen.



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