Paths of Righteousness

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Thursday,  I had yet another doctor’s appointment.  It went how I expected it to, we agreed that surgery because of carpal tunnel syndrome was the next step and referrals were made to the surgeon and to the doctor who would test my nerves in my hands to see how much damage had been done.  In the past news like that would knock the breath out of me.  But not yesterday.  What was the difference?

I have been renewing my mind by writing these posts.  The doctors (as good as they are) don’t have all the answers; they do not have the final word.  The final word belongs to God.  He is my Healer and He has the final word.  Can He use doctors and surgery?  Yes.  Does He always?  No.

I don’t have His answer yet, but I will, and I have peace knowing that surgery or not, He is in control.  He leads me in paths that are right for me and that may just mean surgery.  Twice before when either I or my son needed surgery, God’s healing came before the surgery.  I am hopeful, but I am also seeking His will, His path for me in this.  Would you be willing to pray for me towards that end?

One thing I have learned in the past 18 years of pursuing divine healing is that there is no one path fits all.  Just as when the Israelites were told to take possession of the promised land, God lead them one battle at a time, one victory at a time.  The cities weren’t taken the same way.  If I am looking for a formula for healing, I will be sorely disappointed;  I simply don’t believe there is one.  What I do believe though is that the Lord is my Shepherd and He leads me in the path that leads to my healing.  My part is simply to follow.  Even if it means surgery.

Are you in need of healing?  Can I join you in prayer that God would lead you in the path that is right for you?

Jesus, my Good Shepherd, thank You for leading me in the paths that are right for me.  My healing is in Your hands, help me to follow, to lean not to my own understanding but in all my ways acknowledge You.  Thank You for the peace that surpasses all comprehension as I await Your answer.  Thank You for leading me to my promised land and helping me to be victorious in inheriting the promises You paid for.  Amen.



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