For I satisfy the weary ones and refresh everyone who languishes.  Jeremiah 31: 25

Here is a beautiful promise of refreshment to God’s weary ones.   Everyone of us.  Languish means to lose or lack vitality, to grow weak, to fail to make progress or be successful. Any of that hit home with you?  It does with me. I am tired of doctor’s appointments, blood tests, changing diagnosis, tired of trying new prescriptions, new supplements, tired of the pain, the limitations, tired of complaining.  Just plain ol’ tired. Fortunately, the ways God refreshes us are as limitless as He is.

I’d like to share how He refreshed me one day.  I work with kids and today we were in the gym and it was warm.  The air smelled like warm, sweaty kids, you know that smell, it isn’t real refreshing.  Someone knocked on the door and I opened it to cool, moist, spring air (and the parent that knocked).  I just stood there soaking in the air and enjoying it.


 One by one, kids starting walking over to see what I was doing and before long there was a crowd of us standing in the doorway,

taking in the fresh air and marveling at how wonderful it felt.

Wonderful and refreshing.

Not a big moment, to be sure, but refreshing and satisfying.

Sometimes, I think we get so caught up looking for the big answers that we fail to see the little ones right in front of us.

God promises to refresh us – to satisfy us.  I think our role is to be open to the myriad of ways He may choose to do that.  It could be a simple as fresh, spring air.

Father God, thank you for recognizing when I am languishing.  For knowing me so well and caring for me so deeply.  Thank you for providing refreshment for me.  Open my eyes, I pray, to the wonders around me, wonders that bring Your refreshing touch to my life.  Amen


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