I used to take tons of photographs in the days before digital cameras.  This meant finishing out the roll of film, taking it somewhere to be developed and waiting the allotted time and going back to get them.  I would grab the package and eagerly open it to see my pictures for the first time.  Some were disappointing and others were great.  One thing I would notice though from time to time is that people’s heads were cut off in my pictures.  I was so busy looking at their faces that I failed to look and see how their faces fit in the camera.  I ruined a number of pictures that way.  Digital cameras help me see my mistakes so much faster and I like that.  But still I make mistakes and forget that the camera sees what I forget to look at.  With cameras, what I focus on is what will develop and that’s not necessarily the same as what I want to have developed.

Focus means to direct one’s attention to something.  We focus on things throughout our day.  Things we purpose to focus on and things that just intrude into our field of vision.  Regardless of whether these things are there by default or design, our focus can determine what will develop in our lives.

What are you focusing on?   Pain, prescriptions, symptoms,  bills stacking up, the doctor’s report?  Or are you focusing on the promises and character of God?

I can’t always control what comes into my field of vision, but I can purpose to focus on what I want to see developed in my life.  For me, that is the character of God, the promises of God, including healing, the peace of God, the joy of God.  Those can’t develop in my life if I don’t focus on them.

Father, when my focus needs adjusting, would you nudge me?  Would you whisper in my ear, get my attention off of the things that take my eyes off You and Your goodness?  Please develop in me what You planned and purposed for me from before the foundations of the world as I train my eyes on You.  Amen.



  1. Focused on his problems, David cried out to God. As he cried out to God, he shifted his focus on God’s power, God’s lovingkindness, and God’s promises, ending in praising God. May you direct your focus on God’s power, God’s lovingkindness, and God’s promises. O bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, bless His holy name!


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