Crossing the Creek


One Sunday, we went to Kidney Lake for fishing.  The fish weren’t biting and so we went exploring.  We found a rope swing and spent some time swinging on it into the lake.  It was great.  We also spent a good deal of time wading in the creek that fed the lake.  It was tucked away under large trees and there were shadows on the water.  There were also dark spots in the water indicating deeper waters.  Sometimes it was hard to determine the depth until we took our step.  The rocks were a little slippery and wading wasn’t something I could do very quickly.  But crossing it was necessary if we were to continue our exploring. We had to cross it not once by several times.  I couldn’t help but think that crossing it would be much easier if it were well-lit and not so shadowy and maybe if there weren’t deeper holes and rocks that moved.  But then it wouldn’t be as adventurous, would it?

Ever think that about your life?  I have.  It would be so much easier to travel this journey if there weren’t shadow spots along the way.  If every step we took brought no surprises.  It would be helpful if we didn’t risk slipping into the creek with a wrong step.  Less adventurous, for sure, but easier.

Likewise, it would be easier to navigate this time of living with pain if there were no false steps along the way.  If every diagnosis proved to be correct or if each prescription turned out to be just the right one, or if I could accurately predict ahead of time the degree of pain I would be in each day so I could plan accordingly.  But that isn’t the case.  What about you and your journey?  Would it be easier if you had all the answers before you ever took a step?   No doubt, but we can only take one day at a time, one step at a time on this journey.

The good news is we are not traveling alone. We don’t need to know the outcome of each and every step because we know the One who does.  He goes before us, leading us in paths that are right for us.  And if, for some reason, our foot should slip, He is there with His mighty right hand to uphold us.    He can take a shadowy path and shine light on it for our journey.  Isn’t that comforting ?

Thank You Father, that as I walk this journey with so many unknowns, I can stick out my hand and find Yours.  What a comfort it is to have a Father like You.  Thank You for the journey and Your presence each step of the way.  When my foot slips, I know I can trust You to catch me.  Thank You for leading me in paths that are right for me through this healing time.  Amen.


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