The What Abouts

Today as I write this, there are symptoms of pain in my body. These symptoms would tell me I am not healed or worse, that maybe, God doesn’t really heal everyone anymore or even worse still, maybe God doesn’t love me enough to heal me. I have to reject these thoughts, often many times throughout the day and even into the late hours of the night when I can’t sleep.  Instead, I have to think on what I know to be true.   Among the things I know to be true is this:  my experience or lack of experience doesn’t change the truth I find in God’s Word. Neither do my past experiences of receiving healing prove that truth any more than these symptoms of pain deny that truth. God’s Word is true regardless of my experiences.

When healing is delayed it is all to easy to get caught up in doubts and the what abouts.  Right now, my what abouts sound like this -what about this pain? What about the sleepless nights? What about the time I had faith filled people lay hands on me and pray and yet…pain? What about the scriptures I memorized and meditate on and still, I experience pain? What about when I was anointed with oil and still I need my pain meds?

I don’t have pat answers for the what about questions and I would be suspicious of anyone who did.  But I know this, the more I ask these questions, the more I waiver in my faith.

Today as we were driving along, our son who thinks he will be driving soon (not) asked me where I keep my eyes when I am driving, what part of the road.  I explained to him that I look at where I am going farther up the road.  He questioned why don’t I just look over the hood to the road directly in front of the car.  I told him that when I do that, not only is my vision limited, but I start to wobble more and more in my lane but if I keep my eyes up ahead to where I want to be going, I can see more of what is around me and I can remain steady in my course.

My goal is Jesus, to be like Him, to be with Him, to serve Him and also to receive all of what He purchased for me on that cross if for no other reason than for the fact that it cost Him everything.  And so healing is a part of my destination.

Trying to answer the what abouts is like trying to drive when all I am looking at is what is directly in front of my hood. I lose vision and my course becomes wobbly.  I can make peace with the fact that I don’t have all the answers because I know the One who does. The what about questions lead me astray, take my eyes off Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross and put my eyes back on what I can see or, in my case, feel.  I will make it to my destination by God’s grace and my body will be free of the symptoms that try to tell me otherwise.

Thank You Lord Jesus that You lead my in paths that are right for me.  Thank You that as I keep my eyes on You, the what abouts become dim.  May You be the only destination I desire, may You be where my path always leads.  When my eyes wander would You whisper to me, nudge me, interrupt me, whatever it takes, to help me get my eyes back on You.  Amen

Do you need healing?  I would love to pray for you/with you.  Please let me know.

Do you have a healing testimony?  I would love to share it with others.


reprinted from my blog



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