Eagle or Grackle?

Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31

Barnes Notes on the Bible says this:

The word rendered ‘wait upon’ here (from קוה qâvâh), denotes properly to wait, in the sense of expecting. The phrase, ‘to wait on Yahweh,’ means to wait for his help; that is, to trust in him, to put our hope or confidence in him.

Ever notice how at Christmas time, kids are so full of expectancy? They talk of Santa Claus and the gifts he will bring, they are busy making their lists and checking them twice and bubbling with excitement. The waiting period is several weeks long and yet they don’t tire of expecting. Several weeks are a long time for a child and yet I have never heard a child give up and say, “well, I guess Santa isn’t going to give me anything, I’m just going to tear up my list”. Nope, I’ve never heard that. They are tenacious in their believing.

Jesus said we need to be like little children and I think this is one area where we can learn from them. Waiting for the Lord doesn’t mean sitting around doing nothing, wringing our hands, questioning why, when, how. It means to expect the Lord to deliver – to put our confidence in Him. If my faith just isn’t there, it might mean taking steps to build my faith and confidence in the Lord. I can spend more time with Him in His word, fellowship with other believers more, confess scriptures, listen to teaching tapes, whatever helps me get in that place of expectancy and stay there. Kids are fortunate in that they know the end date of their waiting time – December 25. We don’t have that knowledge when we are going through difficult times. Our waiting period could be much longer; mine certainly has.

The payoff for kids is presents under the tree. The payoff for us, according to this verse, is new strength, renewed vigor, renewed stamina. We can soar like eagles. I used to live in Montana near Glacier National Park and yearly, during the fall, I would take my kids to Apgar to see the bald eagles that had gathered because the salmon were headed up the creek. We could see hundreds in a single day. It was an amazing sight to see these beautiful birds soaring and catching fish. So much more spectacular than watching the grackles that fly about my house now! I want to soar like an eagle and this verse tells me that if I don’t give up hope, if I continue to wait expectantly for the Lord, that I will soar like one.

Lord, thank You for the imagery of eagles. Thank You that as I wait on You, You will give me flight. I will one day rise above this pain, these symptoms and have new strength. You are so faithful to Your word, help me, as I learn to wait expectantly, to be faithful to Your word as well. I wait for my day of deliverance and I thank You for it now. Amen.


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