Who’s Working Now?

And if by grace, then it is no longer of works; otherwise grace is no longer grace. But if it is of works, it is no longer grace; otherwise work is no longer work. Romans 11:6

Grace has been defined as God’s unmerited favor. It is the goodness of God in all the ways that that goodness manifests in our lives. It is totally undeserved and unearned. I can’t be good enough to get God’s grace nor bad enough to lose it. I can’t work for it no matter how hard I try. What does this mean for my healing? For yours?

Just this – while there are things that doctors would tell me to do to be healed – take this medicine, eat right, exercise, de-stress, etc. and there are things that faith healers would tell me – confess scriptures, make positive confessions, etc – my healing comes by grace. Those are all good things to do (and I am not saying don’t do them), but being healed isn’t the result of my having done all these “works”, it comes by resting in the grace provided by God. Faith feels like rest and peace. Works feels like pressure and stress. Which are you operating in – faith or works?

My healing and your healing have been paid for. We can take comfort in the knowledge that as we do what we know to do, we can rest in peace believing that God has provided healing by His grace, His unmerited favor. So cooperate with the doctors, speak the Word over you life but do it from a position of rest and peace and let God do what only God can do – bring healing.

Thank You, Heavenly Father for being such a gracious, loving God. For looking upon us in our weakness and providing what we need for strength – grace and peace and rest. Help us to rest in that finished work of Jesus that brings about our salvation and healing through grace. Amen.



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