Poster Child – Not!


May those who wait for You not be ashamed through me,

O LORD God of hosts; 

May those who seek You not be dishonored through me,

O God of Israel. 

Psalm 69:6

It has lovingly been pointed out to me that I’m not exactly the poster child for divine healing. I get that. If someone is to look at me while I talk about being healed they could scratch their head and wonder if I am mentally stable.  If you are looking at me you will see someone who limps at times, can’t straighten up at times, can’t use her left hand at times and can’t use her right arm at times.  You might notice that my house isn’t as clean as it ought to be and too many times I have to say no to activities I would really love to do. So please, look a little closer.

If you look closer, you might see someone who passionately believes that healing is her right as a child of God and knows that her day is coming.  My faith in healing is not based on the miracles I have already received. The fact that this healing hasn’t manifested yet, does not change my theology on divine healing.  Please don’t let it change yours.

It is my prayer that no one who is seeking healing would be deterred because of me.  God in me is a whole lot bigger than the pain in me and it is my hope you see Him and not these symptoms.

How about you?  Will people first see the pain or disease in your body or will they first see Jesus in you in spite of those things?  At all times, I need to be fixed on Jesus, whether I see this healing or not otherwise, I become a stumbling block to others on their way to the Savior.

Jesus, be big in me.  Bigger than the pain, bigger than the symptoms of disease, bigger than my fears and insecurities.  Forgive me for the times I would rather receive sympathy for my pain instead of being a light to the world.  Grant me the grace to yield to Your Holy Spirit every minute of the day.  And please, I pray, help me to not be a stumbling block to anyone needing a healing touch from You. In Your mighty name. Amen


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