Doctor Diane


However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come,

He will guide you into all truth…  

John 16:13

Ever get on the internet and google your symptoms?  I certainly have.  When we were trying to have our son, John, I was in my early forties and I didn’t conceive very quickly.  Twice when I did, I ended up miscarrying.  It was heartbreaking and I studied everything I could to find ways to increase my chances of conceiving and carrying full term.

I was addicted to caffeine at that time and there were conflicting reports in the books I read and on the internet about the effects of caffeine on conception and pregnancy.  Just enough confusion that I didn’t know whether to stop caffeine or not.  I’d like to say I prayed about it, but I don’t believe I did.  I could find one report that said it was good for us to have a little and then the next report would say it caused miscarriage.  I wanted a child but I wasn’t prepared to give up caffeine unless I was convinced I needed to in order to conceive.

One day as I was fixing to pour myself a dose of caffeine, the Holy Spirit quietly said, “Would you quit drinking it just because I asked you to?”  I was in a convenience store at the time and just froze in my tracks.  I threw the cup away and walked out of the store and gave up caffeine.  It wasn’t easy.  I got the withdrawal headache, but by God’s grace I did give it up.   And soon enough,  I conceived and carried our son full term!

What a gift to have the Spirit of truth resident inside of us.  He guides us into all truth.  He can sense of the conflicting reports out there.  If we will listen to that still small voice and be obedient to His promptings, He will lead us in the path of healing that is right for us.

Thank You Jesus for sending the Spirit of truth to guide me and lead me to victory.  Forgive me for the times I have looked for answers without consulting You first.  Thank You for directing my steps and showing me the path for my healing.  Help me to hear Your voice and  be obedient to Your word.  Amen.


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